Will your life insurance be there when you need it the most?

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Quality of Life Benefits (QOL)

Innovative Solutions

Mortality vs Morbidity

Unlike traditional life insurance that only pays out after death "Mortality", we offer life insurance programs that allows you use the money from your death benefit if you get sick before you pass away aka "Morbidity". 

Protecting Your Families Home

While your mortgage lender may offer "Mortgage Protection Insurance" (MPI) Its important to note that they also may have themselves listed as the beneficiary not your family.  Note: Don't confuse  (MPI) with (PMI).

 Tax-Free Retirement Income

Did you know life insurance can be used to accumulate wealth and distribute tax-free income when you reach retirement age?  This is made possible under tax codes IRC-7702 and IRC-72e. 

Our Mission

Rethink Your Life™ was an idea conceived by a 35-year industry veteran and a Fiduciary Advisor. This concept was and is founded upon a mission to provide much needed education and greater consumer awareness around the benefits and tax advantages of today's more sophisticated retirement planning concepts and strategies using life insurance.  

We see life insurance as an "Asset Class" to strengthen and protect the well being and wealth of today's families and business owners for generations to come.

Critical Life Statistics To Consider

  • diagnosed Rates
  • survivor Rates
  • Death Rates

The Fact

According to the American Cancer Society, the estimated number of new cancer cases in the United States in 2019 was around 1,762,450.

The Problem

The majority of people never expect to be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Thus, they see no value in paying for such protection. 

The Solution

Aside from death payouts and accelerated benefit riders, many life insurance options serve as investment vehicles providing long term, tax-free income for the policy holder.  This is a great added value option many don't know about, whether you're sick or not.

Smarter Term Ins.


Mortgage Protection


You Choose Your Beneficiary - Not The Bank 

Living Benefits If You Get Sick Before You Die

Can Be Used For Both Life and Mortgage Expenses

Benefit Value Will Never Reduce Over Time

Your Choose Your Beneficiary 

Living Benefits If You Get Sick Before You Die

Can Be Used For Other Expenses

Benefit  Value Doesn't Reduce